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Let’s get to know the difference between the two. Both are “live,”, meaning they’re created from cannabis plants flash frozen immediately after being cut down. A big contrast from traditional drying and curing methods, which can degrade cannabinoids and trichomes, resulting in loss of potency, aroma, and flavor.

This Live process is the ideal way to preserve the plant’s trichomes, where all the cannabinoids and terpenes live. Think of your cannabis experience as a car: THC is your gas pedal, and terpenes and minor cannabinoids are your steering wheel. Now, let’s shine some light on the differences between live resin and live rosin so you can find a product that fits your lifestyle. live resin carts

What Is Live Resin?

Both live resin and live rosin are available in similar forms like concentrates, vapes, and edibles, but it’s their extraction process that differentiates the two.

With Live Resin, fresh frozen cannabis plants are put through a solvent extraction process that utilizes butane, propane, CO2, or another solvent. This dissolves all the trichomes, but since the process works like a chemical magnet, it can favor certain compounds and leave others behind.

The extracted oil can then be developed into gummies, vape cartridges, and various concentrates like glassy shatter. You can expect a flavorful and potent cannabis experience at a good price point.

What is Live Rosin?

Live rosin offers a more pure, refined representation of the plant by using solventless ice water extraction. This unique process collects the same ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes that the original plant offers.

Live Rosin extraction is more intensive and time-consuming than live rosin extraction, but the end result is a more complex, nuanced flavor profile, a smoother consumption experience, and a cleaner, more robust edible.

Plus, Live Rosin doesn’t use chemical solvents, so it’s considered a more natural, clean product. Think of your usual THC experience as watching a movie on TV, but watching watching Live Rosin is like watching it in a 3D movie theater.

Live Resin Vs Rosin

You can enjoy the full-spectrum benefits of live rosin in a variety of cannabis products, like concentrates, vapes, and edibles.

Pro tip: always store Rosin concentrates and vapes in the fridge to best savor the flavor and potency of this labor of love. And be sure to store your vapes upright!

Live Resin Carts

Live resin carts with regards to weed, trucks are pre-filled vape cartridges that connect to a vape battery. Live resin carts are just vaped oil cartridges that have been loaded up with live resin rather than a more ordinary cannabis concentrate. Similarly as with any cartridge, basically screw the cartridge onto a battery, initiate the warming component, and breathe in through the mouthpiece.

Life Resin Vs Distillate

Those who prioritize flavor, taste, and aroma over everything else will certainly prefer live resin carts. These oils are created using all parts of the cannabis plant and maintain its complete chemical makeup. They’re packed with terpenes and make a powerful mark on the palate. The THC content is high.

Distillates are perfect for those seeking potent carts, especially if they’re interested in a particular cannabinoid. THC, CBD, and delta-8 are popular examples. When you use distillate carts, you aren’t going to experience the authentic flavor profile of the plant. Terpenes can be added back in after the fact, but due to the isolation of one cannabinoid, other compounds are stripped away.

Deciding between live resin and distillate carts comes down to personal preference. It isn’t actually a matter of which is better; both are premium cart types with detailed extraction processes.


To get the most out of your Liquid Live Resin cartridges:

  • Store it upright in a cool, dry area, ideally at a temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  
  • Keeping the cartridge upright will maintain ideal airflow, ensuring a quality draw every time.  
  • For even longer freshness, store your cartridges in the refrigerator. With Liquid Live Resin, you can expect fresh flavors and phenomenal effects for up to a year from the packaging date

Live Resin Carts Vs Normal Carts

Like everything in life, regular and live resin cartridges also have their pros and cons. Let’s unwrap the advantages and disadvantages of each cartridge.

Live Resin Carts


Better flavor: A higher terpenoid content is synonymous with a more intense flavor. By containing more terpenes, live resin cartridges allow you to closely taste the notes, flavors, and aromas of each strain. Users also describe the taste of live resin cartridges as fresher, more complex, richer, and cleaner than regular cartridges.

True-to-strain effects: As is well known, some strains are better for some purposes than others. Generally, indica strains are better for rest or physical relief, while sativa strains are better for stimulating energy or creativity. What determines the effects of a strain is not just the cannabinoids but the terpene profile.

For this reason, the more abundant terpene content of live resin carts makes them capable of providing not only aromas and flavors but also the specific effects of the strain from which said live resin was extracted.

Entourage effect: The presence of more organic compounds in live resin also generates a more pronounced “entourage effect.” This generates an experience more similar to smoking the plant buds but with greater intensity, a cleaner experience, and without combustion residues.

Thicker Smoke: The syrupy texture of live resin oil generates denser clouds of smoke due to the high trichome content of the raw flowers from which the live resin was extracted.

Longer shelf life: Many experts believe that live resin is more stable and has a longer shelf life due to the freshness of the compounds in the extract.


Easier to cough: Because live resin oil’s texture is thicker and contains more organic plant compounds, it produces a thicker smoke that may make some people cough more easily.

More expensive: Live resin carts can be more costly than regular carts because the live resin extraction process is a bit more elaborate and expensive than traditional spirits. This might be the only real drawback for some people who may not be able to afford it. 

Regular Carts


Regular but effective: Regular vape cartridges can also give you great therapeutic potency. The distillate they contain is rich in cannabinoids. Although they contain fewer terpenes than live resin cartridges, they still have a load of terpenes that, together with the cannabinoids, generate powerful and solid effects.

They also carry flavors. Although the flavors and aromas are less intense than those of live resin cartridges, regular cured resin cartridges also carry the flavors of the strain from which the resin was extracted.

Cheaper: Regular vape cartridges are usually cheaper than live resin cartridges since the extraction process is simpler and more cost-efficient.

Less coughing: The cured resin found in regular cartridges contains fewer terpenes and organic compounds, making for a more liquid oil that creates more subtle, throat-friendly hits.


Fewer terpenes: The real downside to regular cartridges is that their cured resin is less rich in terpenes. Therefore, they do not carry the full potential of the strain from which the resin comes in terms of effectiveness, flavors, and aromas and generate a less pronounced entourage effect.

Final Thoughts On Live Resin

Fortunately, live resin vape cartridges are a trend, and getting them at your local dispensaries and gas stations is easy. Nevertheless, the safest and most convenient way to obtain proven-quality live resin cartridges is to get them directly from our online store or reputable brands. If you’re wondering where you can get top-shelf-quality live resin cartridges, think Botany Farms.

If you want a balanced live resin cartridge with a delicious terpene profile, our Sour Space Candy Delta-8 live resin cartridges may be the one for you. These cartridges carry the savory lemon, diesel, and sour apple notes characteristic of Sour Space Candy and contain 52.8% Delta-8 and 13% CBD that generate flavorful clouds of smoke packed with a strong entourage effect that will leave you in the perfect mood to have an incredible time.

But if you love exclusive products and want a live resin vape cartridge with more calming effects, our Pine Walker Delta-8 and CBN live resin cartridges might be a perfect choice. These exclusive cartridges carry creamy berry notes with hints of pine, accompanied by 62.3% Delta-8, 7.9% CBD, and 11.5% CBN, which, in conjunction with Pine Walker’s delicious terpene profile, generates a one-of-a-kind entourage effect. what is live resin

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